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A good tennis match makes me eager to play

Every time I see a good tennis match on TV or PC, I start feeling eager to play tennis. My favourite opponent is my father, with whom I always enjoy playing, even if, at his 50, he beats me almost all the time. . But, for my mental confort, after every lost match, I keep saying: "Tennis is not about winning, is about enjoying every single hit of the ball, every single movement"

After a tennis match between two professional players, which is a mosaic of aces, great backhands and forehands, contra-pieds and long, solicitating balls, I feel like I could do those things with the same grace as they do it. And then I ask my father: " Wanna play tennis?".

Heheh, it's funny because sometimes I feel very confident with my play, sometimes I am really good, but the problem is that I am not a constant player. So what do you suggest?
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