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Re: Credit crisis in Greece, others to follow...?

High-yielding investments are a trade-off between an absolute profit or an absolute loss; that is, such investments are high-yielding due to the risk involved. On the other hand, pedestrian investments which yield small to moderate profits are, by definition, low-risk. The average investor is desirous of wealth, yet seemingly unwilling to bear the consequences of failure.

The Bellagio is a zero-sum game; Wall Street is a zero-sum game. Financial advisors exert great power over their clients, insofar as they can steer said clients toward bad investments (which aren't so bad from the perspective of the financial advisor who stands to profit from bets against such investments). Such is the nature of high-risk investing -- win or lose.

Thousands of ordinary investors have lost their life savings and, contrary to your claim, wish to be bailed out. And why ? Oh, that's right -- they dislike the consequences of seeking exorbitant yields, as opposed to low-risk, low-yielding investments.
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