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Re: Playing college tennis at age 23?

If you're good enough I don't see why a coach wouldn't be interested in at least discussing it with you. From a competitive standpoint I don't think it would be an issue. In my personal opinion, though, I wouldn't return to college unless I had a solid educational reason to do so. Are you only interested in going back so you can play? That would be silly since there are lots of avenues where you can play competitive tennis outside of college. If you were planning on returning to college anyways to get another degree or something like that then go for it. Btw, you don't need to get another bachelor's degree to play on the team. Grad students can also play in the NCAA (it's only rare because most athletes at that level have already maxed out their 4 years of eligibility by the time they leave undergrad). So don't rule out a master's degree if that path interests you.
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