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Re: Changing your forehand?

In my opinion there is always a right way to play tennis but the way you look when you play dosen't have to be right (or the same as others). Everyone has there own unique style and form.

You mentioned that you were trying to copy Soderling's forehand swing. He's got a fast forehand and all but he is what I call "unique." I personally think that his form is quite ugly though.

Although it dosen't hurt to try and imitate other people's forehand, I find that it's best if you can develop your own. Watch videos or read books and articles. You can study a pro's forehand for inspiration and understanding but don't try to completely imitate it.

Learn the mechanics and techniques first then take what you have learned to the court and practice, practice, practice, and practice. This is what I did to develop the forehand I have now and yet I'm still wanting to improve it even though it is my best shot.

Also try to exeperiment with the different forehand grips (eastern, semi-western, full western). One grip will give you more spin than the other. Different grips will also affect the way you set up for a shot and the way you swing thus making it hard for you to adjust from one to another.

"It's all about practicing and experimenting."
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