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Re: Allez Gillou! - *testing my luck for IW & Miami*

Originally Posted by Truc View Post
The fissure in the sinew is back, as expected. Tulasne: "It had healed up when he left for the States, but it's back. It's a very small lesion, just a few millimeters, but it hampers him a lot. We now need to find a strategy to let it heal up and, above all, make sure it doesn't come back. By examining, among other things, what other players have done to sort out this kind of problem."
He will see Montalvan at the beginning of next week to define the "strategy". It might very well require a break as long as the one he had already taken in november-december 2009. The problem is that RG is in six weeks only, which is very short, especially since Gilles needs to play a lot of matches to regain his confidence in his game.

Thanks Fran.

I was worry for a second cos I thought Tulasne was the one who said RG is in 6 weeks, as if he was thinking Gilles will return for RG. But it seems like it was just whoever wrote the article that mentioned the timing of RG, which is 7 weeks away, not 6. Still not enough time, I expect and hope that Gilles and his team is not timing the return because of certain tournament, and rather bases on the progress of the recovery. No way he should come back so soon IMO.

Poor Gilles, . Shitty luck.
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