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Re: The countdown to most #1 record thread

Originally Posted by duong View Post
my numbers are just a little bit different : after the Queens, a maximum of 9450 for Nadal (minimum of 3700), and a minimum of 7315 for Federer.

Nadal's threat is still here obviously, even though it would have been quite stronger if he had won Miami.
Thanks for the input. However, I checked my numbers again and couldn't quite find where I made the error. Can you confirm it if possible?

Originally Posted by Bonnie the Cat View Post
An interesting change of events indeed now that Nadal is ousted in the semis of Miami - which I didn't at all expect to happen, as I still believe he's close to his best level - at least physically - mentally might well be a different story, but I think those who contribute his loss today to a mere 'choke', are selling Roddick short.

I'm expecting a severe battle on the clay between the two, not as much between them on the court, but more, who can make the most out of it.
If both don't manage to do well/reasonable enough, is there still a possibility of a Lucky Third being able to run off with the prize come week #287?
I haven't seen the match (apart from the penultimate game) so can't quite comment on the match but from what I saw against Tsonga he looked pretty good. With duong also changing his position to him being back, I am fairly convinced that Nadal is back to his "peak".

As for the rankings (what this thread is all about), theoretically Murray and Djokovic are still the greater risks. That being said, it is virtually improbable that Murray will win any major clay event (MS or RG). Djokovic could possibly be a risk but I think Nadal and Djokovic might trade titles this season thereby reducing the risk of either player overtaking Federer. It would be interesting to see whether Nadal plays Madrid if he wins MC, Barcelona and Rome. If he doesn't then Federer can virtually guarantee the record even with QF showings from here on out.

Obviously this is all conjecture.
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