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Re: The countdown to most #1 record thread

Originally Posted by Bonnie the Cat View Post
Everyone's entitled to his/her own opinion . I think Rafa has surely improved playing more attacking tennis. And you can't compare the Doha surface - medium paced - with the IW/Miami one (very slow).
A winning shot doesn't always need to be a flat one, for instance - Rafa knows very well that a lot of players (perhaps I should say ALL of them) have a lot of problems with his spin balls and as such, they are winners too when the opponent isn't able to return them.
of course everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, I'm always surprised when people say that as it's so obvious

Actually I've been especially often said that , which is surely related with the "tone" of my posts . That's not what I mean but well, I'm used to getting that reaction , I've made my mind up about that

As for my opinion if ever you're interested and if it doesn't look as a denial that you're "entitled to your opinion", sorry :

- Nadal makes errors that he didn't do, even in Doha and his quicker surface.

- Normally he has security when he puts spin in his shots.

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