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Re: Brilliant Tennis Photography Thread

Thank you all for the great photos.

Originally Posted by Arkulari View Post
I love this one. It kind of seams so tragic because you can see he's frustrated, and you don't honestly get a lot of satisfaction from throwing down a fluffy white towel, so I feel for his helplessness even more.

Originally Posted by Dini View Post
This could easily become my favourite thread.

Flickr often produces gems.

Examples (all from Madrid 2009):

Love the warm colouring and the use of natural light to further add to the effects.

More here:
thankyouthankyouthankyou for posting this
That's the exact flickr that I mentioned a few posts back, I was unable to find it in aaaaages, I was afraid it was taken down permanently and I'd never be able to see the pics again.
All the photos are wonderful, the photographer took complete advantage of the unusual venue and shot some magical photos there.

Originally Posted by tennis-hero View Post
I hate to sound pedantic but

brilliant photography isnt pictures of playing hitting balls

thats weak

a "brilliant" photo should tell a story... more than what the photo is saying

for example:

i hate to pimp out my own photo selections but

each of my pictures tells a story... you can read into it. it works on multiple levels, i carefully chose each one, its really wonderfully selected (if i do say so myself)

i didn't just think, hey, nice picture of a backhand

in fact, the one picture of the gasquet backhand tells a unique story in itself... Richard's chest out, his arms fully extended in a text book manner- the puffed up chest- a french rooster in full roar even- hitting the most eloquent of shots, with the poise God only seems to gift to the french
You have a point, but you don't take into consideration that everyone reads an image's symbolism and aesthetic differently, not everyone sees the same thing in the exact same shot. What's irrelevant to one person might be very telling and symbolic to another, every photo here was probably posted for a reason. Just enjoy what's presented, why question the validity of it.

Originally Posted by Dini View Post
I love those clay closeups.
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