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Re: Australasian Summer & Early Hard Season - Cheering/Scoring/News

It's not the exact translation, just to give you the gist of what he says:

- Frustrating loss, because it seems there was room for more...
- In the 1st set I was a bit nervous, had trouble adjusting the depth of my groundstrokes and made quite a lot of errors. In the 2nd set I was playing better and better and we had a nice battle. It could have gone his way (he had 3 MP in the TB), but I fought well and I'm glad I could make it even.

- Did you pay for your effort in the 3rd set then?
- I had every reason to believe I could win until 3-3. But on the first point of that game, my back seized up when I played a smash. From that point on, I won only 2 points on my serve. I'm not saying I would have won otherwise, but I definitely still had my chances until that point.

- How would you assess your tournament and your US tourney in general?
- Positively. It doesn't really show yet in terms of results, but I feel I'm playing better and better after my disastrous start into the season. My level is completely different than one month ago. I decided to play all those tournaments in the US to put my game back on track. And it worked quite well. I'm enjoying myself again on the court.

- A good sign for the clay season?
- At least I'm really looking forward to it. I love playing on clay. And unlike a lot of people, I think it's totally possible to have fun on clay and be successful playing attacking tennis. I will take a few days off and I will go to MC very early (on next Tuesday already) to get ready for the tournament.

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