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Re: 2010 Photo Thread: Because Love, Beauty and Bespoke Tailoring will save the world

Originally Posted by ad-out View Post
Great pics everyone - love the "re-work" aj*smile.

PS. Anyone else find themselves thinking of "what might have been" with Marat after Ivan L (at age 31 ) won IW yesterday??
They are different persons. Ivan was never a GS winner or nr 1 so he never had that type of pressure where the whole world expects amazing things from you. And he seems to be a more 'tunnel vision' guy (in the good sense), while Marat always said he never could live, eat and breathe just tennis. If Marat had managed to have a good result right after the knee injury, he might have gotten confidence to regain his top 10 rank, but his style of play was totally warped because of the knee and he only recovered it after he joined Gumy - and by then his confidence (which was never his strong point to start with) was totally destroyed. Just my 2 cents

Originally Posted by aj*smile View Post
All, thanks!

Incidentally . . . I'm on a mission to find the next interesting photo subject for the US hardcourt season. Feli is pretty, but sometimes looks a little goofy on camera. Verdasco is a dream to photograph . . . a good mix of laughter and intensity from him! Haas is good, and Federer is striking in the right time and place. I like DelPo a lot as a player, but his charisma doesn't translate as well to the lens. Any other suggestions? Who is under-the-radar that I've missed?
An under the radar one, besides the ones you've mentioned, could be maybe Cilic, he can look intense I think... look forward to see more of your awsome work
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