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Re: Nico & the DC

I'm so sorry! Haven't finished the report yet, it's been a busy week.

Well, I'm not good at match reports, so I never do them. But I can say the matches weren't as easy for the Croatians as the score lines showed. All Ecuadorians played well, the Croatians just played better.
My new discovery is Ivan Endara. I liked to see him play and I love his attitude. He was so motivated and focused on team spirit. He even tried to arrange to get all Ecuador fans there together sitting behind the team. Worked pretty well, cause the first day we got to sit courtside (!!!) with 2 French girls also supporting Ecuador and Giova in particular. These got tickets somehow, so the rest of the days they could sit there. We joined two other Ecuador fans, but we all 4 left our actual seats to sit behind the Ecuador team on the stands. Very cool! And it was no problem, cause the stadium was never full.
And the Lapentti family is just lovely, the mom and dad are so supportive and very friendly. Nico's girlfriend was also there, she's really nice too. And she looks stunning! They're such a beautiful couple.
I have to say that mom and dad Lapentti look great too! And again, extremely nice. Smiling all the time to us fans. Even on the last day. Nico's dad even asked me after the last match if I managed to get a pic with Nico. (I did, we waited after the match on Saturday). Got a pic with Nico and one with Ivan. I also asked Julio and Ivan to sign my flag. Giova was already on there from the tourney in Halle last year, but he signed on the wrong side. So I wanted the rest on the right side of the flag, but Ivan disagreed. Julio already signed on the spot I wanted him to sign, so when I asked Ivan I thought it would go just as well. But no, Ivan insisted on signing on the same side as Giova, didn't matter to him it was the wrong side. Didn't get Nico to sign on Saturday, cause he was already in the bus so didn't want to bother him again. On Sunday when Jule noticed he was signing for little kids, of course I ran over and asked him to sign my flag too. He did, even smiling with it.

That was about all, I wanted to write a more detailed report at first. If I ever do, I'll post it, but now that I've written this, my urge to add all minor details disappeared.

You'll have to wait a little longer for the pics tho, cause I took a lot. I'm still sorting them, unfortunately a lot of them are blurry already.

Oh, Julio's parents were there also, even in the same hotel. They smiled all the time, but we didn't talk to them as they don't speak English and we don't speak Spanish. Linesmen were in that hotel too... So many justified complaining over calls from Ecuador that I had the idea to poison them at breakfast.

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