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Cool °° Introduce Yourself °° (for Simontards only)

Here you can introduce yourself briefly (or not )


Hello, I'm ted.

I've been supporting Poussin for two years now, even if I got to know his name in 2006. Only one player is dearer to me, but he's been a ghost for many months now, so you might have forgotten him.

As you can see, I support many ATP players, but also WTA players, and the one I support most has been a ghost for several months now go figure.

I'm an English teacher, I've lived in the states, but I'm slightly beginning to forget it all, so please pardon me, native speakers, for my mistakes

I've begun playing tennis at age 6 but I stopped when a teenager. I resumed playing in my early twenties (I'm 26). One more position in my ranking, and I'll be able to play tennis teachers because we'll be in the same draws. I know a little about technique, tactics and mental strength, but not too much

I help Fran with the translations, like once or twice a semester

My MTF brother is Raffaele (Gambit) so don't hesitate to diss him, for my personal pleasure

PS: I also manage a game (see my signature) wich is a simulation of the ATP and WTA tour It's based on players answering quizzes, creating articles, getting ranked, bettering their rankings, and so on..
If ever you're interested in playing next season (2009) don't hesitate to ask me

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Re: °° Introduce Yourself °° (for Simontarded only)

Françoise ("Fran" on MTF), I'm French, but I live in Berlin.

I might sound like a teenager on MTF, but I'm actually 38 years old.

I'm a freelance translator - not for English, but I'm obviously conditioned by my job and I spam the French forums on MTF and the Gilles Simon forum in particular with translations of articles.

I've been following tennis since I'm a kid, my obsession with tennis started with Borg already. I used to play, but I don't anymore. I was really, really bad anyway. I haven't much clue of technique, tactics, etc. I love tennis for the psychological aspect mainly.

I had noticed Gilles some time ago already, but mostly for his looks, his intriguing character and things like "I don't like football, I don't care" in Hamburg in 2006 since I never got to see him play!
The first time I saw a full match of him was in Marseille 2007 - and I've been a big fan since then. I like both his game and his personality, which is not so common.

My other favourite players are Guillermo Coria, Philipp Petzschner, Andy Murray, Adrian Mannarino (a new entrance)... I'm also actively supporting Monfils, not for his game, but because I love the guy. Mathieu Montcourt for the fun, I couldn't give any reason for that one! Jérémy Chardy. Etc. Etc.
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Re: °° Introduce Yourself °° (for Simontarded only)

I am Puschkin, a Russian poet, and I have been a long time supporter of Evgenij Kafelnikov and Marat Safin. But my first "love" in tennis was Miloslav Mecir.

Behind this pseudo is a middle-aged Austrian woman, living in Vienna and adoring tennis. I play myself but on a poor level, as I started only as an adult. However, I am arrogant enough to praise myself of understanding the game: I do know the difference between an easy and a tough volley.

It was Fran who drew my attention to Gilles, and I watched him carefully in person in Monte Carlo and Vienna this year. Not the greatest choices to admire his brilliance. I still am not crazy about his game, but I do like his interviews (the comment about football was pure ) and personality, as we can see it. Having said that, I am not really a Simontard, as another Frenchman occupies my heart and of course there is the great Roger, too. But I have a lot of sympathy for him and I hope this is enough to be occasionally welcome on this board.


~♠ Gasquetaires ♠~

un pour tous, tous pour un

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Re: °° Introduce Yourself °° (for Simontarded only)

I'm Paolo, Australian and nineteen years old. I'm currently working at a cosmetics store part-time, and pretty much enjoying life right now. You could say that I am not a very motivated or driven person, which is probably why I haven't sought a higher education as of yet.

In general I'm a kind-hearted guy, can't stand discrimination of any type and I find it very easy to become a fan of tennis players- as you can probably tell from my signature, which changes a lot (and I'm ever so slightly pervy )! Strangely enough, I usually start supporting players when they're in a slump.

I'm an arty man (not in a camp way ), so when I have time I like to play my guitar, paint or do some sketches. I might not be the best at any of these things, but they keep me happy.

Santiago GIRALDO, Donald YOUNG, Gael MONFILS, Juan Martin DEL POTRO, Alexandr DOLGOPOLOV


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Re: °° Introduce Yourself °° (for Simontarded only)

i'm Yavor. / from Bulgaria /
there is nothing special about me. i love history, policy, sport ect...
my hobbies are studying ancient egyptian history, also history of imperial rome and vatican history/ but i'm not religious /. in total contrary of Gilles i adore football and i'm huge fan of Schalke 04 and AFC Ajax (Amsterdam). i'm also crazy about F1 and my favorite pilot is Kimi Raikkonen.
i've never play tennis in my life but i've always likes it. my first favorite tennis player was Thomas Muster, then Thomas Enqvist, Paul-Henri Mathieu , and Fed also. now i favor Nole and Muzza too.
about Gillou i must say that before this season i've never even heard of him at all!
i remember that i was totally shocked when i heard that Fed lost his match in 2nd round in Toronto to some frenchman that commentator on tv doesn't even remember his name. i was furious but decide to see who is that guy and i watch him first against Acasuso. what happened next was a fairy tale story. as i said to Fran that was "love at first sight"/my g.f. said that i'm more interesting on Gilles than on her , but she doing this all the time just to irritates me /
i think that in total contrary of everyone i must said that i adores his game indeed! but above all i like his character, his personality. the simple fact that he fights to the end and never wanted to give up!
sometimes i was even scared how much similar our charecters are. i don't know why but in that match against Chucho i feel just like i know this guy for all my life, although i've seeing him there in Toronto for the fist time. honestly i don't have any logical explanation for that indeed.(that remains mystery to me)
i hope that one day i should have pleasure to take an autograph from him - if that happens it will be awesome!
thanx, that's from me........

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Re: °° Introduce Yourself °° (for Simontarded only)

I am 37,tennis has always been my fav sport,fav players are Sampras and McEnroe .
For some years I stopped following tennis,it's since the Wimbledon 08 final that I am back full time .
I first saw Gilles in Toronto :I value personality and grit in players a lot maybe even more than technique ,I guess that's why I like Gilles .
That's it for now

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Re: °° Introduce Yourself °° (for Simontarded only)

hu hu

I'm reading
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Re: °° Introduce Yourself °° (for Simontarded only)


i'm jodie and whilst i've been watching the forum for a while, it wasn't until gilles defeated fed earlier in the week that i was inspired to post.

i'm australian and i've loved tennis since... i can't remember when. i've had various faves - goran, sampras (early days, before he was boring) and then took a step away from tennis until i saw lleyton win his first ever ATP title in Adelaide way back when. not that lleyton inspires me at all, but i remembered why i liked the game so much.

gilles inspired the working title to my now four month old bubby. before i knew she was a she, she was gilles pierre jean-claude. after, she was charlotte until she was born i love the contrast between the apparent casualness of gilles' game compared to the passion he displays when playing both good and bad and it warms the cockles of my heart that he's doing so well at the moment. i must admit to being a fan of quite a few of the current french youngsters - gasquet, monfils and jo - but that said, gasquet can also annoy the bejesus out of me by not staying IN matches mentally. i'm also a big fan of nadal and murray (gotta love that he's such a brat) not so much a fan of the wta as i don't believe the players up the top are really all that good.

i return to work from maternity leave shortly before the aus open starts this year, so i'm unsure if i'm going to be able to wrangle time off for matches, but i'm going to do my best!
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Re: °° Introduce Yourself °° (for Simontarded only)

Hi I'm Lesley, now in glorious 40 something mode, from Scotland, geology graduate, cat lover and party girl!
Although I've been a tennis fan for over 30 years, I quite often don't have a favourite, and, as in football I want
a - anyone Scottish
b - anyone Russian
c - anyone Czech to win (don't ask me why!!!)

I had noticed Gilles before but it was only when he beat Nadal in Madrid that I really noticed his tennis, and then when I found myself cheering him against my beloved Andy in the final I knew things were serious.
I love playing tennis and have a decent serve but don't often get the chance to play - northern Scotland not quite having the ideal climate for outdoor tennis!
ATM I am working on a Gilles website (lol proper fangirl now!) and waiting for his last RR Masters Cup match to start. Its all good!

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Re: °° Introduce Yourself °° (for Simontarded only)

Hi guys
Although i havnt posted on this forum before i thought it would be nice to introduce myself on this thread. Hope u guys dont mind. Ive been hanging around the MTF a lot longer then i have been a member for, so i guess you can say im familiar with this forum. Just know that im always watching! Haha!
Im Australian, 21 years old and have almost finished my nursing degree, so i havnt been able to visit this forum much in the past few weeks, what with exams and all. I have been following Gilles progress closely this year and have been absolutely blown away by this remarkable season. I generally like all of the frenchies as well as other players, namely those in my signature. The first tennis player that i really loved to watch was Justine Henin. Since her retirement i no longer follow the WTA as there is no one that i really like.

As a tennis player myself, i suck! Im probably the most uncoordinated person to ever step foot on a tennis court - hence why its rare to see me do so. But i absolutely love watching tennis. January is my favourite time of year as its the Australian tennis season!
I did french in my final school exams, but im a bit rusty now and hope to be able to spend more time reading & translating the french articles that get posted here once i finish my degree.
Looking forward to being able to contribute here more when i get the free time.

*Gasquet* *Federer* *Ancic* *Monfils* *Montcourt* *Tsonga* *Simon*

*Gulbis* *Wawrinka* *Hewitt* *Paulo* *Santoro* *Clement*
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Re: °° Introduce Yourself °° (for Simontarded only)


I'm Joanne. Recently turned 40. I started playing tennis at school, and now I only play socially at weekends with my family and friends. I have been a tennis fan since the days of Edberg, Wilander and Borg. Only last year did I manage to get to go and watch my first GS live, the Aus Open, a dream come true for me.

I first took note of Gilles when he was selected as the 5th player for the French DC team this year when he travelled to Romania. At the time he was selected, I remember thinking that soon he may become a permanent fixture in the French team, and I am certain this will now be the case. I really cannot stand that he is being called a 'pusher' by some MTF fans. I think he is an exceptionally intelligent player, and his ability to never give up just blows me away (wish my fav player had some of the same mentality sometimes).

My current favourite players are Gasquet, Simon, Verdasco, Safin, Nadal, Nalbandian, Bolelli, Anderson and Tsonga.


~♠ Gasqueteers ♠~

all for one, one for all
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Re: °° Introduce Yourself °° (for Simontarded only)

Xin Yue Here, from Shanghai (yes i did meet Simon in Shanghai this year), i am going on 25,(tomrrow i will be 25) haha
actually, i didnt know much about Simon before I met him in hilton. I wasnt sure was that him, I was having cafe with my friends at the lobby of Hilton, until his coach came up to me, he wanted to borrow the chair haha. then, it happened like this:
Coach:Can i borrow the chair?
Me:Excuese me, is that Simon?
Coach:Yes, Simon!
Me: woooo OMG, Can i have a pic with him?
Coach:No, can i borrow the chair?
Mef course, NO!~
Coach: haha joking, of course you can have a pic with him.

Simon was a shy guy, but soooo sweet. after that, i didnt miss his matchs in Shanghai =) Now, becoming a "Simon fan" =)
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Re: °° Introduce Yourself °° (for Simontarded only)

Xin Yue Here, from Shanghai (yes i did meet Simon in Shanghai this year), i am going on 25,(tomrrow i will be 25) haha
actually, i didnt know much about Simon before I met him in hilton. I wasnt sure was that him, I was having cafe with my friends at the lobby of Hilton, until his coach came up to me, he wanted to borrow the chair haha. then, it happened like this:
Coach:Can i borrow the chair?
Me:Excuese me, is that Simon?
Coach:Yes, Simon!
Me: woooo OMG, Can i have a pic with him?
Coach:No, can i borrow the chair?
Mef course, NO!~
Coach: haha joking, of course you can have a pic with him.

Simon was a shy guy, but soooo sweet. after that, i didnt miss his matchs in Shanghai =) Now, becoming a "Simon fan" =)
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Re: °° Introduce Yourself °° (for Simontards only)

so many news Simontards

don't forget to join the facebook group
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Re: °° Introduce Yourself °° (for Simontards only)

here we are...

Hi guys, I'm Raffaele but almost everyone here call me Raf or Rafito while in real world I'm Rafa for foreign friends and Lele for my italian friends, so many nicknames...I really have doubts someone is calling me almost every time.

I'm 24 yo and I'm med student. I came from Naples, south Italy but atm I live in Prague because I won a scholarship and so I'm attending my last year of medicine here, hopefully to can graduate at the end of this academic year. Life in Prague is very interesting and especially very different from my former Italian lifestyle. I passed from sweetheart nerd to partyboy while now I'm enjoying a totally different way of life again, globetrottering Europe, spending few money, visiting places, exploring new cultures and points of view, eating when is possible and obviously...very bad It's normal, just the life of the students aboard and I forgot to say before coming here I was almost abstemious, now is a getting drunk party every night
Even if at first look I could seem very easygoing (and maybe for so many aspects I'm so) deeply I'm shy and few people, close friends of mine, really know how I am, what I think and they are the only one who really know if something bad happens in my life because I usually love talking about the beauty of life, sharing only the good things are happening to me with the persons around
I have serious problems with my tendency to become addicted to too many things one of my best friends (who also Teddie knows because he plays his online game) always says I have the power to make "sick" every thing I start to appreciate Love tennis, of course, cinema, music (jazz and soul), drawing and playing my piano (both things very bad but they are just hobbies), take pics (especially about myself with my friends during our trips )and writing. Like almost every italian I'm also a shopaholic and I love being well dressed, even if I really dislike the metrosexual style, prefer the golf/sailing style
like you can easily recognize reading this loquacious profile I'm really selfcentred...and also a little bit vain but self ironic as well, I'm really the first who laugh at my selfcentredness

Started to post on this board because I really wanted to improve my crappy english, now is bad as well but not so ridiculous while If I read my first posts omg
I'm good friend of Teddie especially, and I have thank him because he's not only a friend of mine but also my english teacher and he really loves suggest me the right way of saying when I'm wrong (often) I know also Frannie, our leader here, and Jai, from Pauloland, a really nice girl, some Djokotards too that was the first place where I started to write even if now is not the same of the beginning and some posters from some chatthreads

In tennis usually I love the backhand, especially the doublehanded bh, maybe because of the harmony between the two hands during the movement, it makes me totally charmed. In fact my favorite are the two I think have the best dh backhand, David Nalbandian and Maria Sharapova, I like the energy the can impress in those shots. I'm a big fan also of Elena Dementieva, Paulo, Misha and Coria.

For sure a very very special (and big) place in my heart is for Gillou, I'm a prude supporter of him since the beginning, in fact in italian forums people laughed at me when three years agoo I said he was very strong and talented now they have to apologize. I love his ability to paint the court, his geometries and also the purity of his shots. Very special and personal tennis, and he seems also a nice person, always a good point to add!

Today he lost but as always he fought on court, with heart and incredible shots. only our Simontards at the beginning of the year believed in him, now he really deserves a very long holyday but, for sure we'll wait for him the next year ready to cheer always for our little poussin

c'mon Gillou, you rock
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