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Post-junior generation (1992) : ATP Race points 2011 and career best rankings

This thread is about ATP results of generation 1991 (post-junior generation for this year 2010).

In this first post, I will update every week (if I'm brave enough ) the stats which I'm following, and which I would be glad if you could correct them if you see some mistakes :

- the ATP points earnt since the 1st of january 2010 (the so-called "Race") (top-10 players only but you can complete them if you want ) : the points in futures will be included at once in the end of the week, opposite to the ATP ranking rules (they wait one week more before including them) ... but only the best 18 results in that period will be included, like for the ATP

- the "carreer best" rankings achieved by the best players from that generation (I hope I can put all those who have achieved the top-1000 although it will be hard )

This first post will be updated every week (or nearly if I go on holiday ... but Springer89 may update the result when I'm not here )

Points earnt in 2010 until the 3rd of may (top-10 only):

1. Pablo Carreno-Busta (Esp) 67 points
2. Yang Tsung Hua (Tai) 48 points
3. Wu Di (Chin) 40 points
4. Andrey Kuznetsov (Rus) 34 points
5. Alex Domijan (USA) 31 points
6. Grigor Dimitrov (Bul) and Laurynas Grigelis (Lit) 28 points
8. Jose Pereira (Bra) 25 points
9. Shuichi Sekiguchi (Jap) 22 points
10. Borut Puc (Slov) 21 points

Carreer best ATP rankings reached by the best players of this generation as I know :

255. Grigor Dimitrov (Bul)
275. Andrey Kuznetsov (Rus)
306. Yang Tsung Hua (Tai)
347. Pablo Carreno-Busta (Esp)
376. Lim Yong Kyu (Kor)
446. Laurynas Grigelis (Lit)
506. Wu Di (Chin)
545. Jose Pereira (Bra)
567. Steven Diez (Can, ex-Esp)
582. Alexander Domijan (USA)
586. Emilio Gomez (Ecu)
596. Borut Puc (Slov)
662. Nicolas Pastor (Arg)
703. Shuichi Sekiguchi (Jap)
736. Chase Buchanan (USA)
763. Marc Giner (Esp)
770. Kevin Konfederak (Arg)
771. Mirza Basic (Bosn)
782. Rhyne Williams (USA)
797. Julien Obry (Fra)
807. Juan-Pablo Ortiz (Arg)
829. Juan Vazquez-Valenzuela (Arg)
837. Lazare Kukhalashvili (Geo)
838. Sandro Ehrat (Sui)
844. Piotr Gadomski (Pol)
847. Guido Andreozzi (Arg)
884. Emmanuel Sunday (Nga)
886. Andre Baran (Bra)
890. Andrei Vasilevski (Belarus)
894. Manuel Sanchez Montemayor (Mex)
900. Christian Lindell (Swe)
901. Yannick Reuter (Bel)
908. Idio Escobar (Bra)
920. Juan Lizariturry (Esp)
926. Nikala Scholtz (Afs)
933. Patrick Brydolf (Swe)
934. Tzvetan Mihov (Bul)
938. Marvin Barker (NZ)
955. Jakob Sude (Ger)
961. Tennys Sandgren (USA)
976. Alex Theiler (Chil)
986. Stefano Travaglia (Ita)
989. Alejo Prado (Arg)
993. Valdzimir Kruk (Belarus)
996. Radim Urbanek (Cze)
997. Dino Marcan (Cro)
999. Javier Munoz (Chil)

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