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Re: Davis Cup 2010: France against Germany

Yes it is exaggerated, I've seen him play far better matches than this one, but it wasn't a catastrophe or anything. Though I would have liked to see a bit more aggressiveness and serve & volley, even completely ratés ones but like I said I was more petrified with the implications of what if he loses etc, so I didn't appreciate fully his game.

I sorted out a few pics of today, mostly group ones, I didn't have the courage to go through the individual and playing ones yet. I'll post those later.

Please do not repost them, or use them without asking me, or cut the sign, or claim them as yours, like it has been done before. I'm sorry to be annoying, but even though they're far from being quality stuff, I put a lot of efforts into them and I want it to be respected.

Gaël's match (Tsonga wasn't there)

Jo's match, where they all took great care to sit next to each other and behind Jo's chair to make my work easier, thanks a lot guys
Gaël was *always* eating, during the 2:30+ hours that Jo's match lasted :

When Gaël came back from a break in the locker rooms, with a third (!!) sandwich for him and a bottle with a blue liquid in it for Gilles :

And the Famous Hug from behind :

I have a few pics where they just stand like that with everyone passing by and shadowing around them for at least 20 seconds, very cute !

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