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Re: Davis Cup 2010: France against Germany

Hey I just came back from the first day. So, what I can recall so quickly after :

About GaŽl's match, from where we were it wasn't a great performance, but he did the job -I was just so anxious about him losing that I didn't pay a lot of attention to his game level. He was pushing a lot at times, not being enough aggressive in my view, and playing too much on Kohli's backhand. I was eating my nails during the tie-break. It was such a relief when he won.

The really funny part was his interaction with Gilles who was sitting on the bench during the whole match and whispering stuff to him during the change of sides -we were joking that he was listening to him a lot more than to Forget Here is the real captain When he wasn't giving tips to GaŽl, he was sharing his view about like everything with the poor Richard whom I felt sorry for, because Gilles was speaking aaaall the time to his ear.

The cutest part was still GaŽl's hug with Gilles, they cuddled for like 2 whole minutes, grinning all the time. Very sweet moment. I took a rafale of pics which I'll try to post later on, if they're good enough, as I didn't watch them yet.

Jo's match was more tennistically interesting, at least as far as I am concerned -I always find that seeing live and from up close Jo's powerful forehands when he like takes off and flies, one of my favorite experiences in tennis. He choked badly in the third, losing his break, his concentration and the tie-break, but overwise he was above his opponent. The crowd was crazier in his match than in GaŽl's.

I did spend a lot of time watching the bench too, they were making us laugh a lot. Benneteau and Llodra left during the first set and didn't come back. But at some point they were sitting like Gilles, Richard, GaŽl, and Gilles was chatting to GaŽl from above Richard's shoulder and the poor boy was like "take me out of here" I believe Gilles doesn't shut up, never.

There were a few more funny moments, like Richard coming in carrying GaŽl's bag and at the end of the match, GaŽl giving his bag to Gilles who accepted it with a "ok but just because you won for the first time" look. Gilles' haircut was... explosive too, it took us a while to get used to it.

I had a lot of fun, hoping this continues tomorrow

(If someone wants to repost what I say here on the player's forums, I won't do it now because I don't have a lot of time available on internet since it's expensive. Not that my insight is that interesting anyway )
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