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Re: News & Articles Part 3 - The Return of the Yeti

Interview from yesterday on GoTennis:

Marat Safin: With pleasure would be an ATP tournament director!

by Denis Kuznetsov, | 28.02.2010

The celebrated Russia's tennis player Marat Safin, in the past, he completed his professional career, in an exclusive interview with the portal expressed willingness to become a tournament director ATP, described how, why will not play mixed with his younger sister Dinara, and also shared his impressions from a trip to Olympic Games 2010 in Vancouver.

These days, Marat, along with such well-known tennis players past as - Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Andrei Cherkasov, Goran Ivanisevic, Jim Courier and Sergi Bruguera taking part in showcase tournament "Legends of Tennis in Moscow." In tournament tennis players are not limited to show program, but also carry out various activities aimed at promoting tennis.

So, on Saturday morning athletes conducted a master class with pupils of different academies and tennis school in Moscow. And after that went to the tennis courts SK "Multisport" playing with the politicians. Marat played in a pair with Moscow mayor Yuri Mikhailovich Luzhkov and after the match has agreed to answer questions visitors to our portal.

Marat, tell us about your feelings before the start of your first veteran of the tournament.

- A sense of normalcy. We must try to do as much as possible about these things. It is necessary that the children came and looked like a game of tennis. Should be involved in this case as many people - businessmen, politicians. Other options I do not see our main task is to bring tennis to more people.

Yevgeny Kafelnikov earlier said that the veterans of the tournament will be held in the "Kremlin Cup" as you think it really such a competition?

- Of course it is real! We have the courts, there are people. Fans that would be very interesting. We ourselves fun to play. Tennis players come to Russia, they see something new ... they themselves are no less interesting. The more stars we invite, the faster increase interest in tennis. You see, we now come to the masters, who have just ten years ago were at the very top of world tennis. They absolutely can talk quietly, interview. Now they have different views on life, than when they played and it's interesting.

And you yourself, how often plan to participate in the veterans' tournament, because you can make in veteran series of ATP?

- I do not set myself the task to speak at these tournaments - it's not my profile. In Russia, I'll play. This is my sport, I gave ir 25 years of my life. Now I'm where I want to be and I just want to do something more for tennis.

At the Olympics in London will be the first time in the mixed doubles competition. If you were given a wild card with Dinara, you would play?

- No. I do not want to play. No, not the slightest desire to act at a professional level. No wish.

Do you think you could become a tournament director ATP, for example in Kazan?

- Yes, I would be happy! This is very interesting! But everything comes down to one simple thing - the tournament director can arrange it, but can not bring their own money. The tournament can not exist if there are people who can invest in it. I'm not going to come somewhere, run and look for sponsors. This is not for me. I can organize a tournament, make sure that everything was on the highest level. Regarding the tournament in Kazan - I am very well communicate with the Prime Minister of Tatarstan, Minister of Sports of the Republic, and I can say that this is serious, adequate people and there will be no problems. They love tennis, recently opened Europe's largest tennis center. They are ready for the big competitions, they have the desire, you only need to organize everything. I'm ready for this! In late March, I fly to Kazan, and just going to talk about it. I tell them that I can offer, hear - what they can offer from its position. For us it is very important to work in tandem, because if there are differences, then any good it will not, and do "trash" in Kazan, I do not want. For the good people I am ready to do everything right. To me there's always liked, and I tell them the same. Now we must simply agree on what we are repelled by what they want to see.

Marat, you are now returned from Vancouver, it is clear that the failure of our national team in the medal standings do not give reason for optimism, but tell me about your feelings on the Winter Olympics.

- It's chic. Vancouver is one of the cleanest cities in the world. Very beautiful place. Kislinka remained after our results, but I think that the athletes in any case cannot be blamed. They come to the Olympics to win, but something simply cannot arise. The blame for such actions must take all those people who are outside of sports, are directly related to it. This is our big problem. Athletes are doing everything they can. They have a lot of train and come to fight for the victory. Everything depends on us - the organizers, as we do the work.
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