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Re: Post all your videos of you playing

Originally Posted by DartMarcus View Post
Thanks! Agree with you. I have improved my backhand a lot in the last couple of months. As for forehand, sometimes I try to hit it flatter but some stupid UE make me think like: "Oh, I'd better put much spin and at least put everything into court ". I will try to upload another video with me playing points soon
My main tennis weaknesses right now are volleying (have got big problems finishing the volleys at the net)and serve (low 1st serve percent and 2nd serve is too easy for opponent). Also suffer from some shoulder problems.
Well, maybe you should try to change the grip on the forehand. FOr instance, i play with eastern forehand grip, and generally i hit flat forehands, but it's easy to put topspin if you have to. And for the serve, keep your eyes on the ball and toss the ball high enough, so you won't be rushed into hitting it

BTW, i also sometimes have problems with finishing points with the volley. I construct the point, put my opponent of the court, and then i hit an easy volley out, or worse, in the net
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