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Re: Davis Cup 2010: France against Germany

Keijan won't be happy Llodra is beating Soderling so his selection won't suffer any contestation especially now he has big chances to reach final and the same for doubles.
But I was prepared for it Even if Llodra plays on one leg and with 40° of fever, Guy-Guy will still select him. The question is about the 5th man I think, I'm thinking ever Gilles (but recovering), or Richie (but other continent), or a "young" guy so he can have his baptem like Forget likes to do, maybe Ouanna since he had good results lately. Or Gicquel (nooooo )

But what I'm really hoping for is either Gilles or Richard, to have a possibility of taking pics with at least 3 of my 4 favs players, and that is very selfish, I'm aware of it

As for Kohli, he has a good Davis Cup record, I really don't remember him tanking - maybe you mean the story about the money in DC?
Yeah I'm not sure, I think it was about DC as the papers I read were pretty violent, and "Kiwi"'s comments weren't very nice, but maybe not after all. Kohli isn't very liked over there anyway. That might mean bad getting-along in the german team Thanks for the insight !

(Kiefer est dans les choux au classement de toute façon, non ? Ca fait des siècles que je ne l'ai pas vu jouer, il devient quoi ?)

About Gaël, if he canceled Acapulco for DC and everyone says he's a titular (cf Gilles) and he doesn't get picked in the end, that will be a big drama. He might not accept the selection again :/ he absolutely needs to play -and win- at least one point. If he loses his match,

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