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Re: PAW #11 Rotterdam - Gefeliciteerd HamStory!!!

Hmmm... My first PAW tournament and i forgot about the 13 pick stipulation! Still managed a decent 16th position with my 11 picks though...
Congrats to the winner and nicely done to Chrono.

Originally Posted by JoWilly View Post
Peak HC level:
1 Fed and Djoker 2. Murray 3. Nadal (baby Djoker destroyed him routinely on HC, let alone peak Djoker)
Peak grass level:
1. Fed 2. Djoker 3. Murray 4. Nadal. Just ask injured Darcis how good he is.
Peak Clay level:
1. Djoker (smoked peak Nadal with ease) and Fed (bagelled peak nadal on clay) 2. Murray (just utterly embarrassed Nadal) 3. Nadal.
Anyone who disputes any of this is a troll.

Peak Troll level on MTF = Jo Willy
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