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Re: Pim-Pims blogg

Great articles, Mediarat and Josef!

I love the honesty and insight in the Pim Pim blogs. Keep them coming.

He really is open and uncensored. I am hopeful he gets to play in the DC tie. He looked really good at Kuala Lumpur and the Stockholm Open. He is still only 27 years old. I like this passage:

"There has been a lot of discussions weather Stockholm Open (and also Hamburg) was the wrong way to go for Robin. There has also been rumours that Robin entered Stockholm Open to "save" the tournament. I don´t believe that either SO or Hamburg were the reasons for his injury and I think Robin played in Stockholm Open for himself, but that is another story.

Let´s take it from the beginning: Robin advances to Grand Slam-final in Paris, skips Halle to then reach 4th round in Wimbledon. Han wins in Båstad, with same ranking status and price money as in Stockholm, (some people has complained that he shouldn't have played SO due to low ranking points, but no one has said that about Båstad) and the next week he is injured at the big tournament in Hamburg. If it hadn't been for the feeling of winning Båstad, price money and starting fee.. he should have rested in order to play Hamburg where the big money is.

During hard court-season he got a sore arm which still is affecting him. After playing several weeks in a row, he did not perform as well as he wanted in the 1000p tournament in Asia and had to pull out of Stockholm Open in the semifinals.. and the week after that in Valencia.

As many are now discussing: what should Robin have entered and ignored if he wanted to reach top 8 in ATP finals.

My answer is: he should have rested after Wimbledon to focus on Hamburg and the US (maybe even skip Hamburg as Robin had problems with injuries the last two years). Then skip Malaysia (where neither points or home surface was a key factor) to then play tournaments in Asia, Stockholm, free time, Valencia and Paris. Then I think he would have been ready for Masters. Now we are hoping that he can take the final 8 spot in 2 weeks...

We need a swedish guy at the top!"

These were my thoughts as well.

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