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Re: Andy - Chooses rest over Marseilles

I just came across this article which is actually an exception and defending Andy, saying that he's not the culprit, it's actually the same as when JWT decided to skip Doha because he realized his schedule was too heavy, etc.:
But Caujolle is so desperate that he felt the need to answer the author of the article and explain why he's so mad (his rant really is all over the French tennis websites, it's pretty bad for Andy's image imo, it really annoys me).
According to him here and in L'Equipe today, Andy said last year that he would come this year for free to make up for his late withdrawal. Caujolle refused because he precisely wanted to be sure that Andy wasn't going to withdraw again. So they agreed he would get the same conditions. Andy asked last week for a doubles wild-card to play with Jamie, he asked them to book 5 hotel rooms, the people in Marseille were doing their best to accommodate to his wishes and then he retired out of the blue. Caujolle says the the 1st seed of an event has a responsibility in his opinion and should be suspended by the ATP if he doesn't take it on. ^^

It's a pity it turns into such a drama every year and it makes him look like a complete prick for many French fans because it seems to me on the contrary that he's less of a prick than many top players.
I for myself really prefer him to not turn up if he knows he's not ready yet and doesn't feel like playing. That's the thing which was driving me nuts last year - Caujolle kept badmouthing him and praising Nole for showing up one year before - but he put up one of the worst tank jobs of the decade!
Anyway, it's done now, let's hope Caujolle will move on with the start of his event. And since he also is the director of Bercy, let's hope he will have overcome his bitterness towards Andy by then.
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