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Re: 2010 Photo Thread: Because Love, Beauty and Bespoke Tailoring will save the world

Originally Posted by PennyThePenguin View Post
... and no, we really don't need a poll for this
Thanks, Penny, I didn't think so either, my tongue was firmly wedged in my cheek when I made that suggestion!

Just to say, at no point have I taken anything personally or amiss, or felt any heat in the discussion. I hope I addressed people's points rationally and logically.

But I find it unusual that, whereas forum members were quite happy in previous photo threads to post or enjoy pics from different years (even in this 2010 one, to post pics from 2005 and 2009), suddenly now a wish is expressed to restrict the 2010 photo thread to current-year-only pics.

I'm guessing this wish is not widely held, although I may be wrong, but given there will be comparatively fewer new photos of Marat to post from now on, to place such a rigid restriction makes no sense whatsoever to me.

Originally Posted by luxsword View Post
MMm, but I think you missed the joke about 2010 here. I saw these old pics and remembered my first intervention on this topic, on first page received this comment from you : But then, I had tried a joke too. Seemed my humour doesn't translate.
I don't know about that, although I think you might have missed my reply! Here it is again:

Originally Posted by luxsword View Post
Ah, monkey, it was all in good fun !
Originally Posted by monkeytattoo View Post
As it should be, luxsword! I love a bit of fun (hence the thread title) with photos, esp. when it's original and not at the expense of a heartfelt blessing for Marat.
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