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Re: 2010 Photo Thread: Because Love, Beauty and Bespoke Tailoring will save the world

Originally Posted by davis View Post
I surely am a fan of order (some used to call me the "queen of order" LOL) so I somehow see the point of people wanting to stick to the thread title. But does the subject really require such a heated discussion?
I post ONE retrospective in the 2010 thread, and all hell breaks loose!

Seriously, I'm not feeling the heat, not yet anyway. And I'm a big fan of order too. But I'm confused by the insistence on 2010 pics exclusively, not just after seeing the inclusion of a done-to-death 2005 Shanghai 'fro pic defended one page one (and also a link to Marat le Tsar/Valencia 2009 pics), but because exclusivity in matters chronological has never been a defining posting principle in previous photo threads. Why now?

Originally Posted by davis View Post
I think it's very nice of monkeytattoo that she wants to share whatever pictures she found and deems "rare". Sure, I agree with the other posters, I know a lot of those "rare" ones - so I scroll through them and ignore them. To give someone who is willing to spend time and effort in order to share stuff such a hard time seems a bit discouraging.
Thank you for understanding, davis. It's not that I deem these photos rare, but rather that they are rarely seen, especially to newer fans who might perhaps be discovering him for the first time post-retirement. I'm well aware that long-standing Marat fans will have already seen these photos long ago, as have I.

Originally Posted by davis View Post
IF order needs to be restored - why not take mer's idea? Start a new thread for photos in general, something like "Marat Rarities" (and why not merge fino7marat's thread into it, BTW...), transfer things over and keep this thread for 2010?!
The idea isn't unique to mer, because I had thought of opening a "past pics, unseen" thread parallel to the 2010 one. In the end I thought it superfluous, given that:

(a) there will be fewer pics of Marat post-retirement,
(b) there has never been an insistence on exclusivity according to date in past photo threads, and therefore
(c) 2010 thread could use a little fleshing out.

Fino's thread (which is great ) is more for sharing personal memorabilia and, to me, doesn't belong to the same category as rare photographs.

Originally Posted by davis View Post
monkeytattoo, this might seem rigid to you, but believe me, rigidity has a lot of advantages when running an open forum. Imagine someone who isn't always visiting and who tries to find older photos - the last place he would search for them would be the 2010 thread, right? And the suggestion really doesn't involve a lot of work. You are right, people's personal preferences aren't a good reason for a change; I think that keeping an easily navigable forum for everyone is, though.
I totally agree, but again I am puzzled as to why such strictness has never applied to past photo threads.

In addition, anyone researching older photos will presumably be keeping up to date with the 2010 thread, and would be glad of the chance to see old pics in high quality (hard to come by) without having to trawl through older threads. They will also have recourse to these threads, as I'm sure most of us here have done in the past.

I don't see that posting a retrospective preempts a person's search for older pics, or makes the forum less easily navigable.

Originally Posted by davis View Post
In any case, I'm sure Mrs. Penguin will have the last say in this and make a wise decision.
It might be a good idea to put it to a poll, as it's a public forum. Penny might even agree!
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