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Re: (Road to the) Oscars 2010

Originally Posted by Aenea View Post
Well maybe I used a wrong word as I am not fluent in English. Maybe knowing it's an international board you should ask me do I know what "starring" means instead have I watched it. Any movie that has Carey in its cast shouldn't be nominated for an Oscar, OK? Is now clear what I mean?
It is pretty clear, but it is pretty stupid to say that.

It does not mean anything at all that Carey is in it. It is pretty sad to discard a good movie because you dislike one actor that has a tiny part in it. And in that movie, she is indeed an actress, and she is quite good.

Some actresses have gone from Oscar to Razzie (Halle Berry), Carey went from Razzie to what everyone hails as a really really good piece of acting in an Oscar nominated movie. One of the 5 that actually belong to that category this year. I dislike pretty much every piece of music that she put out, but here, she went completely into that role. Some people cannot believe that Cher ever won an Oscar based on her previous work, and Eric Bana was known as clown on TV in Australia while in North America, he's pretty much known only as a serious actor.
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