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Re: will we ever see him again?

Noon on Sunday 23 May 2005. A country in suspense to see him: a Mariano Puerta, we are hopeful that a return to yell Argentine champion at Roland Garros and we had no illusions to us, that we we were betting on the streets to see how he, the only Argentine who was still alive in the semis, he reached the final. The same man who so four years ago we were happy, some days ago asked its own bankruptcy.

A positive start and the first set in favor to this young man named Rafael Nadal Spanish made us dream more and more. However, this boy of imposing physique, which eventually became tournament champion four Parisian unfavorable reversed that start and took the match in the following sets by a score of 6-7, 6-3, 6-1 7-5. Despite the defeat, Mariano Puerta died of foot and was recognized throughout the world.

Months after the nightmare began the Argentine. A positive doping at the Grand Slam, was a repeat offender, he left it to the brink. The ATP, which in turn forgave Andre Agassi, applied a penalty of 9 years and forced him to return money he had earned during that season, approximately $ 887,000.

On 12 July 2006, the Court of Arbitration for Sport reduced his sentence to two years because he admitted that the substance found in the player no effect on its performance. However, Gateway did not recover their money or their ranking, 11th in the world, and had to wait until 5 June 2007. Thereafter, the Cordovan tried to return to the tennis elite, but could not. Gone are the words of this man born in the town of San Francisco: "While everyone rested for the new year holidays I went out early to run and train for return."

Although Puerta made a mistake, was not entirely his fault. Rather it was a couple of people who were responsible for cutting the race so loud, even when they knew they had not sought to take advantage.

Something similar happened to Guillermo Cañas, suspended for two years in a borderline case and that it was word against word. The difference was that Canas, who is now nearing retirement, if he could return to the limelight. Different was the way the man who kept us all that expectant May 23, 2005. Today, 26 December 2009, is appropriate to say that true to his style door on the court struggled, but could not turn his luck.

Grande Lucho Horna
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