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Re: (Road to the) Oscars 2010

I have seen 7 of the movies nominated for best picture and most of them don't cut it for me. Most of those movies if not all of them are some depressive dramas and I am so fed up of that type of movies. They are screaming loudly "Give me an Oscar" Not like Eastwood dramas though but still... I just feel sick when I watch a film created with the only aim at an Oscar nomination. Oscar nominations are done by the American film academy so they could be just fine for the Americans but I am fed up with their films about their wars - Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. I just don't care, I've seen enough on this subject but they keep digging.
A movie starring Mariah Carey nominated for an Oscar in best picture category - that should never happen.
Sandra Bullock who never learned how to act properly nominated for Best Actress
And of course an Oscar for Jeff Bridges for portraying an aging alcoholic who finds happiness again ... wow, how innovative and never seen before!!!
No creativity in any of those movies, no interesting ideas, nothing. All the same old stories just told in a different way.

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