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Re: 2010 Photo Thread: Because Love, Beauty and Bespoke Tailoring will save the world

Originally Posted by Soozka View Post
Thanks for the tips. I'm really a computer illiterate. How do I get to the first step? How do I get to Google Spain? or Google Argentina? Thanks for any hellp.
If you type "Google Argentina" (or whichever country) into your usual search engine, the first result should take you there. Maybe best to try out the Google search features in English first, then when you're familiar with them, try them in another language.

Re: running a foreign language search through Google translate (, a couple of things to remember in the case of Google Russia. (and I'd also say this method is more a convenience than a substitute for searching in the original language)

Once you've input "Марат Сафин" (without apostrophes) into, if you then copy and paste the resulting URL into the translator, you can't access the extra search options for some reason. First you have to click on "Показать настройки" ("show settings", next to the + sign), then click on any of the other options, then back to the default setting. Copy and paste the resulting URL into the translator and you should be able to access the other options/settings.

The only niggle with this is, each time you click on a different setting, it opens an additional page in the browser window. Fortunately this doesn't happen when working with a specific date range, and overall it's much faster than e.g. highlighting text and going back and forth between the webpage and the translator.

Another time saver is to filter your search by putting a minus sign on whatever you don't want to see. Take the ubiquitous site for example, type in and it will exclude the site from your search.

Hope this helps!

PS: If anyone's interested - and time permitting of course - I can dig up one of the rarer Safin pics in my shamefully large collection and go through the steps of how I found it.
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