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Re: The countdown to most #1 record thread

Originally Posted by wackykid View Post
I have updated the format of the thread a bit, and listed all events and dates for the ATP250 and better events listed on ATP site.

Noted, for Nadal, i think at most it will affect is the amount of points after Rotterdam, but i am assuming he could play Memphis and win, that will replace back Davis Cup points. As for Davydenko, i am assuming BEST CASE so it'll mean that he wins Monte-Carlo so Beijing points doesn't matter. Same goes for Djokovic, since it's BEST CASE assumption it means he wins Dubai and Monte-Carlo, so winning Rotterdam doesn't change anything.

Noted. With the updated notes in the post, I'll assume that players can change tournaments they want to join anytime to create the "BEST CASE" scenario for my projections. Since anything less than the "BEST CASE" means it'll be easier for Roger to maintain at #1. As each tournament completes, I'll then update the points according to what the players participated in and we can see when we can actually 100% GUARANTEE Roger will reach #287 weeks.
Well, I would have preferred to consider the tournaments they will actually play :
for instance we KNOW that Nadal will not play in february, then I don't understand why we would consider that he might play Memphis.

Until Miami we know the official entry-lists, and only a wild-card might change the tournaments they would take part
... and I don't think that these top-players will change their schedule in february.

After Miami, there's nothing certain, then you could consider the best you want

As for Davydenko (and also Nadal), I was not speaking about the "best-case (for them, not for Roger ) calculation table" (in that case, yes, Davydenko will surely not have to use Beijing),
but rather about the table "dropping-off last year's points" (which is the "worst case" for each of them individually).

Congratulations for your thread anyway

Originally Posted by wackykid View Post
If anyone can provide some easy way to prove that the rest of the field MATHEMATICALLY WILL NOT catch up, therefore complete the proof to make the "GUARANTEE", I will update it into my post.
I've made the "dropping-off" points calculation for the top-24 then I can guarantee : they are all behind Nadal and unless they win Indian Wells and Miami, Roger can feel safe

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