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Davydenko "should" have won the AO

Federer was the best player looking at all seven five-set matches, but Davydenko "should" have beaten him if he "only" could have kept his head cool. The Russian has finally found a way to beat Roger (he won their last two meetings), and it's just inexplicaple how anyone can lose the plot so abruptly during a game in the middle of the second set. Good thing for Federer that there are no "ifs" in tennis. There are many matches which Federer during his reign as world number one "should" have lost, but since he has gotten the players respect with his magical game the one player after the other folds against him in slams.

I don't get why the media is so focused over how some of the ladies are more rested than others as they clash in slams. In usual tournaments they always play best of three, and then they usually get no rest in between days. They also have a day of travel and many engagements which they have to focus on, which isn't the case during slams. Why shouldn't they be rested after a three-setter which lasts two hours when they get to rest for 48 hours in between rounds? I think the slams are much tougher for the men in the way it's much more physically demanding than the usual tournaments, while the ladies have it way easier during the two weeks.

I think that the women should experience how it is to go the full distance; not because they get equal prize money, but simply cause some of them barely play three hours during the first week...

As for myself, I have been ill for a good portion of the beginning of the year. It's probably due to less sleep and new "germs" in the home. I'm applying for WC's in all ATP tournaments and try to make sure I'm healthy and have enough practice behind me to go the distance.

I'm really looking forward to the DC gathering within a month. I have gotten pretty close with Thomas (and Magnus) and I believe in him more and more as a coach/leader. Hopefully Robin and the rest of the team will all be in one piece, cause we need all the players we can get...


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