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Re: (Road to the) Oscars 2010

Originally Posted by Bilbo View Post
9 nominations for The Hurt Locker. I mean come on. It's probably because it's an americanized movie and Bigelow the ex-wife of Cameron.
Obviously you haven't seen the movie, otherwise you'd know it's because it is brilliant. Sure, the DGA named Bigelow best director because she's Cameron's wife, while running against Cameron. That makes no sense at all whatsoever, even for you, and you set the standard very low.

Originally Posted by Bilbo View Post
you mean like the dark knight being a better movie than avatar? i have the best taste and knowledge about movies around here wether you like it or not.
The Dark Knight is a better movie at all levels saved for SFX. Better story, better dialogue, better acting, it is more entertaining and less boring. It will age a lot more gracefully than Avatar because what makes it great is all that, not flashy technology that will eventually look cartoonish. Well, more cartoonish than it already does. Even real actors in that movie come across cartoonish thanks to that cheesy screenplay.

As far as better taste in movies, sure, wanking over Avatar making tons of money is a true sign of an informed movie connoisseur.

Better knowledge about movies? Well you have better knowledge about cult movies, no one can debate that.
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