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Re: 2010 Photo Thread: Because Love, Beauty and Bespoke Tailoring will save the world

Thanks for these great photos, tmiller and momo!

OK so now that pics of Marat are becoming fewer and farther between, I thought it might be helpful to share these handy, time-saving Google search tips. I'm assuming everyone's been doing this for ages already, but for those who haven't, why not give it a go?

Using momo's photo as an example, if you know he's been in e.g. Bariloche:

1. Go to Google Argentina (or Google Spain). Type in "Marat Safin Bariloche", select "páginas en español", and hit return.
2. Next to the + sign above the list of results, click on "Mostrar opciones" (show options).
3. Under "Cualquier fechas", click on "Intervalo de fechas específico", then input a specific date range, in this case 1/1/2010 to 1/2/2010.
4. Voilà! First search result is the fotolog link.

To make the search easier, click on "Imágenes de la página" (towards the bottom of the options list on the left) and it displays one or two photos from the corresponding webpage. It doesn't work in the case of fotolog - and so far this method hasn't produced for me any pics of Marat at the Paris fashion show - but it's definitely worth checking out.

** For non-Russian speakers on Google Russia, run the entire search through Google translate. ** It's about 20 times faster simply because your eyes aren't swimming in Cyrillic. Again I'm sure everyone already does this, so apols if I'm stating the obvious.

Finally, it pays to be creative with the search terms, and do the search twice, once with the word "photo" and once without.

Hope this helps, peeps!

Marat Safin wishing Good Luck to his internet stalking community ...

"Hey, I'm not that easy ..."
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