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Re: ^_^ Marin' Press: articles, videos, audios and anything else you share ^_^

In the past two days, reading the posts by Tiggerangel here became my breakfast' coffee milk and happy pill into bed

How would your friends or peers describe you?

I am not 100% sure but I believe they would say that I am quite calm, honest, always working hard and looking to improve in different things.
Well, Marin is an easy man to read I will add something like "kinda shy" "kinda lovely" and so on I do love his characters, at such young age, not easy to show this kind of nice and graceful attitude to everyone. Even back to his seventeen, he was as kind as right now I still remember the stories told to me by some nice girls here, tho they are not active here at this moment

What does a typical day include for you? What is your schedule like from when you wake up in the morning and then go to sleep at night?

A typical day when I’m not playing in tournaments is that I like to have an early morning tennis session, after that a gym workout, break for lunch and some rest, then in the afternoon practice and then having the evening off. Depending on the location, I can add also little relaxation with friends in the evening.
Not surprised to hear that at all. To be a top tennis player is a tough job, and kinda boring(for life), far away from families and friends, changing locations every week, full of strangers around, even old faces who plays with you look strange, they are rather to be a plain sign Needing to manage yourself well. So I see the crazy fans turning firing, making their faces bright while eye back to the silent players' area, seeing how some of them change their faces to show rejections "No Way"... OMG, eyes often cheat us

Sometimes I read loneliness from the players' faces, I have to say, choosing to be a tennis player is much harder than entering a top school to be its top 10

BA: Who are your friends on tour?

MC: My brother. My brother Vinko is my biggest friend. Everybody else is on and off. Because everybody is alone, travelling with their groups. I stick along with a few Croatian players like (Ivan) Ljubicic. I also hang out with some younger players like Zverev.
This is my first to know of Zverev when Marin just entered the ATP circle, I remembered, if my memory wasnt worse, he said his friends are(were) Del Potro, Gulbis and Korolev I think that was because they often played together.

As for the favorite color, well, red, good choice

But on the questions of mixed doubles and Chennai sightseeing, OMG Marin was too frank, even sounded tough he needs to find a graceful girl to train him to say some sweet words at the first touch while I still love him plus the first party departure, what a guy, having a strong mind btw... for the fashion show, I had a picture in bag, errr, trying to find and post it later.

Again, thank you so much Tiggerangel, wish more to come here
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