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Re: Do you Actually Win Anything

Originally Posted by good_gambler View Post
I have been betting for about four or so years... and well, I have won fat fark all. I've lost quite a bit in actual fact. I don't bet constantly, just on/off at an event or sport I feel comfortable with but nothing has been successful. I have had a couple times where I won big but the losses far and away outweigh the wins.

I am at the stage where I think that no good can come from betting on sport. (which btw is the only time I gamble)

Has anyone actually made any coin?? No bullshit, just the straight up truth, how many are actually in the blue?

I don't expect any monetry figures, percentages if you feel?

Would like to hear how people do, that is all.

The reason why you probably don't make a profit is not because your unlucky, more than
likely to be bad disipline. Does any of the following apply to you -

1. Follow the crowd
2. Tipster bets
3. Non value bet

If you don't have a strict plan which over time, will give you an edge & produce a long
term profit, then you will lose money it's inevitable.

I mainly bet on horse racing, tennis & snooker which are area's I'm comfortable with & risk
only 3% of my betting bank for back & e/way bets on odds of 2.0/evens or over & 5% of
my bank risked for lays between 1.7 & 4.5.

If you don't have a plan, then you don't have rules & therefore no discipline & you no what
happens, the market will come back & bite you on the backside.

I lost money for the first two years & it's only in the last year & now make a steady &
comfortable profit, mainly from horse racing.

Bets of luck bad gambler, maybe you can change name in the future to good bettor.


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