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Questions for Marin Cilic: in which ladies love him.

Posted by: juniper on: January 9, 2010

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From ESPN Star

Marin Cilic: It is 1 am. And you want an interview at this hour?

Bhagya Ayyavoo: What better time for a fun interview?

Marin Cilic: Funny interview?

BA: Hajde Cilic! Why are your fans in Chennai cheering you that way?

MC: (Blushes) The ladies, the girls in Chennai love me. They like me because I have come here four times already. We have some kind of good relationship. They made a fan club (on Facebook) and they support me. So, I am being nice to them. That’s all.

BA: We asked some of these girls, as to why they like you so much. We also asked them to describe the reason in just one word. Can you guess what they said?

MC: What did they say?

BA: They called you, ‘CUTE’ (laughs).

MC: You think it’s funny? (Laughs and adds) I feel fine. I am nice to them. They’re nice to me.

BA: Do you have such a ladies’ fan base everywhere you go?

MC: I don’t know. May be, it depends (smiles).

BA: Last year, you downed two big fishes, Andy Murray at the US Open and Rafael Nadal in Beijing.

MC: Both were really important for me. The first one with Murray was a breakthrough for me. And later with that I had more confidence and played better after that. But looking at the shots and the game, it was better against Nadal. But with Murray it was more with the tactics. It wasn’t easy in the fourth round of the Grand Slam. Both wins were important. I won’t choose between those two.

BA: That’s ok. But, if you’re to choose a partner for mixed doubles, who would it be?

MC: I wouldn’t choose for mixed doubles. I don’t play like to play mixed doubles. I am fine. No, no mixed doubles for me!

BA: A lot of girls are going to be heartbroken to hear that.

MC: Sorry.

BA: We already know you favourite food and favourite colour from last year’s interview here..

MC: Interrupts and says, “I forgot. What’s my favourite colour?”

BA: Red is your favourite colour. That’s what you said last year. Have you changed your mind?

MC: Pointing out to his t-shirt says, “You see, it is still red”.

BA: And your favourite food is mommy’s food?

MC: Mom’s and Godmother’s food.

BA: Who’s your Godmother?

MC: She sometimes comes with me for some tournaments. Last year she was with me for Wimbledon and the US Open. And this year she’s going to be there for Australian Open. She’s going to give us company and cook us some home food.

BA: Wow that might make your appetite to upset top seeds bigger.

MC: Could be. I hope so.

BA: Which player you like playing the most?

MC: I have never lost against a few players. But it is tough for me to pick one. Top guys are always most interesting to play against.

BA: Who do you like playing the most, left-handers or right-handers and why?

MC: Right-handers because on the tour, most of the guys play right-handed and you’re so used to playing them. But, with left-handers it sometimes gets tricky because they play a different game.

BA: Who are your friends on tour?

MC: My brother. My brother Vinko is my biggest friend. Everybody else is on and off. Because everybody is alone, travelling with their groups. I stick along with a few Croatian players like (Ivan) Ljubicic. I also hang out with some younger players like Zverev.

BA: Are you superstitious, on court?

MC: No. I have my routine, just the things I do all the time. But, I wouldn’t call it superstitious that I ‘have’ to do it. It’s not like, if I don’t do it I am going to lose my mind or something.

BA: Tell us the craziest compliment you have received so far?

MC: I don’t remember. Yes, the compliment that I am ‘cute’(laughs).

BA: What was the harshest criticism? There must be something from the post-match press conferences.

MC: I can’t remember. I had some difficult losses last year. Those matches weren’t very easy. But, there were a couple where I didn’t play well. For example, Fognini (Fabio) Fognini in Monte Carlo and few other matches. There must have been something then, I don’t remember.

BA: What do you think of the media people who read up your stats and come up with intelligent questions during press conferences?

MC: It’s their job. I just answer.

BA: You were the first one to leave the players’ party last week. Is that the case at all parties that you attend on tour? How comfortable are you at parties, walking the ramp and stuff?

MC: Yes, maybe I was the first person to leave. That was Sunday and I was playing on Monday. Usually, I don’t do those things a day before my match. But, it was easy there at the hotel. It was quick, so I left early. I wasn’t comfortable so much. But that (fashion show) was fine.

BA: This is your fourth trip to India, have you visited other cities?

MC: No, never had a chance.

BA: Have you gone sightseeing in Chennai?

MC: No, not this year.

BA: Why not? Does it mean your focus is only on tennis and equalling Carlos Moya’s record back-to-back titles that happened way back in 2004-05.

MC: We will see. I am two matches away from it. Let’s see if I make it.

BA: If you make it, will you be interested to go sightseeing in Chennai?

MC: No, I will directly go to Melbourne.

Those girls are clever, he is cute!
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