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Originally Posted by *Ljubica* View Post
Jase Thanks Ellen. Can't believe that deserved a ban for that long Anyone who knew Jase at all would know it was a joke. Maybe a few days or a couple of weeks at most Ah well - proves what I've thought for a long time now

Jase - you know where to find me - we'll stay in touch - and no one here will ever forget you Love you

Edit: Jeez - just started to read back and realised Habs got banned too Been at work all day - no idea what's gone on, but can imagine where the rot starts And if I say anymore I'll get banned too.
The moderators on this website have adopted a very vigorous approach to banning in recent months which is reflected in the far higher number of banned posters. Usually a first ban I thought should only be 1 month so the 3 months does seem extreme.

In the case of Habibko and Jase they did rather provoke a collection of very astute posters on this website who know what is either side of the permissible rules and carefully ensure that they remain unbanned. They seem to be rather enjoying getting somebody banned, but then a number seemed rather pleased here when Shankar was banned.

On this website jokes are not acceptable if somebody could take it seriously.

The current greatness league of active players in order of achievements to date (a factual comparison rather than fan biased assessment):

Federer 17 GS, 6 Year End Masters, 24 Master Series.
Nadal 14 GS, 27 Master Series, 1 Olympic Gold.
Djokovic 9 GS, 4 Year End Masters, 24 Master Series.

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