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Re: The Sad and Devastated Chat thread, Vol. 17

Originally Posted by Corey Feldman View Post
*toc toc*

two things

1. Nole always choked when he is a match from #2 ... as he will be again v Tsonga
It makes no difference
Originally Posted by acionescu View Post
The truth is that Nadal really can't do without the haters respect
This is the true. ALso Rafa fans. I know I will not sleep now to know he has lost the respect of the haters. They were so brimming with respect before!
Originally Posted by tennizen View Post
habibko got banned
OMG if it is a perma ban Rafa's AO sacrifice was SO worth it

Originally Posted by Bibberz View Post
Are you kidding? I love that the Castle exists. I don't really know what goes on there, but I know that a lot of MTFers I don't like congregate there. If they weren't in the Castle they'd be parading around the rest of MTF.

Although a couple of them have a very similar posting style to you (none of the really awful ones)
Originally Posted by MsTree View Post
Evita and MariaV

I'm struggling to comprehend what's been happening today, wtf is it with people that they have to gloat, particularly when a player retires injured? A real tennis fan would want everyone fit and healthy and playing at the top of their game After all we like to see a good MATCH not just one player dishing out beatdowns and dominating the rankings! Grrrr! Sorry Scoobs and Betty you'll have deja vu with my post
MTF is what it is.
Originally Posted by elessar View Post
Rafa retired in his match and I was amazingly nice about it, despite numerous attacks from an unnamed greek, opera lover poster.

Some Rafa chaters were annoyed at the haters having a circle jerk in the LS thread, Habiko's name was mentionned a few times, not always in a positive light.
Habibko then came over to gloat saying his jinxing had worked and he was so glad he'd stayed up to see the fallen legend that was Nadal, and that he had sunk to Nole levels. He was kindly told to fuck off, but kept at it subtly implying Rafa was faking his injury to avoid another straight set humiliation.

In the mean time, Certinfy came here to praise his fearless leader just in time to see him go down in a blaze of glory. He then went back to the catle thread to further express his admiration for Habib before realizing that he had already eaten a ban. It pushed him over the edge and he made the, somewhat, over the top comment that most Rafa fans deserve to be put to death. N'écoutant que mon courage I reported it as well and helped him join the ranks of his fallen comrade.

Claire I'm sure I reported the post that got rid of Sapeod, and now you have rid the board of terrible, spiteful posters habibko and Certinfy (have not heard of him, but he seems v bad)
Originally Posted by elessar View Post
TBF I don't think anyone can outdo this thread in that domain, nobody does childish better than us but we usually know when to stop
Originally Posted by Jessebel View Post
Every time I try to dislike Murray, he talks and then

OMG Rafa. Very, very sad.

Please please Andy win the rest of thr tournament.

In other news, this result gives Adam and I hope in TT.
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