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Re: Australasian Summer & Early Hard Season - Cheering/Scoring/News

Originally Posted by Chiakifug View Post
Anyone else think that training thing he did last summer (forget when exactly) could be a factor? Forgive me if Im wrong because I dont know the whole thing about it but I remember after a break he came back playing quite horribly, he put it down to his training and that it would help him in the long term. Its probably not that but he hasnt been the same since.
Hmmm maybe...he hasn't won now since Basel, and its been patchy for months before that. 5 first round losses since Cincy, then improved a little for indoor - two or three rounds, and then nothing since Basel 2nd round.

I am trying to also think about the possibilities, and this is all I can come up with....pure speculation people

a) after winning his premier title, he took his foot of the gas a little?
b) he is injured?
c) he has reached a plateau with his team?
d) breaking up with Jenny affected his status quo?

Whatever the reason, his ranking is gonna plummet if this continues, all the hard graft from last year will need to be replicated, and I am starting to wonder whether opting for an extended hard season is preferable to hitting the clay early. Luckily (?) a lot of the tourneys he entered the field isn't so strong, so maybe some easy wins for confidence will help...well lets hope.

His voice in the interview was upsetting, very morose.

Come on Jeremy, you have support, we just wanna see you smile like you did in Stuttgart
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