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Re: (Road to the) Oscars 2010

Originally Posted by buddyholly View Post
How can you be a judge of movies when you are incapable of writing a sentence properly?
ke?what lack of knowing english has to do with quality of usa(potentially oscar)movies?
"you can't be a chicken to know what egg know"

by the way,writting,readind 'n listening are 3 very diff. things.but you already know that.

Originally Posted by Henry Chinaski View Post
"OMG how can you not like that???!!! It won 14 Oscars!!!"

"must be master piece"
"million dollars babe" decky:
what's good in this movie?idiotic fairytale story,american dream,"talented" actress,"i can have it all,even sondra" eastwood?what?
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