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Re: (Road to the) Oscars 2010

Originally Posted by buddyholly View Post
Why not? I like movies.

You are like some American baseball fan saying he can't fathom how anyone could take the slightest bit of interest in the World Cup. Someone who can't see beyond why his interests should be everybody's only interests.
That's a poor analogy. I'm not questioning the concept of liking films, just don't get why people mind who wins these awards that are most likely decided by behind the scenes lobbying. I mean it's not going to affect how you perceive any of the films nominated whether you're seen them already or not. Sad thing is that it will for a significant number of people. It's a giant Hollywood circle-jerk and it bothers me that people take it as an objective measure of quality. "OMG how can you not like that???!!! It won 14 Oscars!!!"

For example, Sean Penn is an annoying overacting **** and will remain so to me regardless of how many of these things he wins. Crash is the most patronising film ever made and goes way beyond shite. Just 2 examples that spring to mind of the phenomenon I described.

I don't mind people treating it as a kind of nerdy mindless entertainment. Don't get the appeal but it doesn't bother me.

I don't give a flying one about Cannes or any other awards ceremony either lest you think I was taking some elitist high ground.
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