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Re: (Road to the) Oscars 2010

Originally Posted by Deck View Post
What do you mean? Honestly, I think there won't be a sensible discussion between us with you writing there's only one or two movies from the above which are quality. I mean everybody has preferences, there's some epic movies which I find boring too, but I feel you just see it's American, that's why it's shit Give them a chance, if not the awards, then the movies. Unfortunately I haven't watched many of the above so far, but I would be really surprised if not at least half of them appeal to me.
i gave them so many chances,i told somewhere i apreciate usa cinematography until the mid 70's.

ok,i won't post here,but "slamdog m" or "million dollar girl",clooney as an actor,lotr....i mean i don't like to vaste my time.
be disturb in any way 'n here you one oscar for you.just be forest gump,girl boxer,have an aids,serial killer...oscar is 100 % yours.

on the other hand "real" usa production is smth else but really good movies have no chance.baltimore,sundance,montreal,san francisco,philly...those are festivals of usa movies.

hollywood is disgusting circus.

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