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..and here are the last blog entries from Pim Pim (took me 4 hours in total for these 3 replies I have published in the thread... ), so enjoy:
29 nov 09
Must do-matches next weeken

Tough weekend in the local series. Started with both me and Jansson were sick (Jansson had 40 degrees fever), "Wille" gone due to school and "Lagge" injured - maybe for the rest of the season.
Apart from Robin Brage (who has quit) who made a big impression in the 1st single in the opposing team, I want to give praise to SPTK's Oliver Hildebrandt who had to step up for the 2nd single (instead of 4th place match). He had to face the reborn Patrick Filipsson who in his almost 40s is trying to compete with Jonas Björkman in 40+ group in a couple of years. Olivers development in the series is far better than the kids in "Idol". Great to see a junior player in the series who are not complaining, or is making foot faults, or is giving up! From the first point until the last, he is standing there like Rapha use to do and it´s impossible to see the match score. If you keep on like this, the respect will grow more and more from the competitors who are going to wish that they could/have the energy to be like you.

We are hoping for a complete team set-up, when we are facing "Gävle" and "Gällivare" who are just above us. We need to win both to stay in the series. Playing at home, everyone well and maybe the entire SSK-cheering squad, everything is possible!

Söderlings sudden exit from the ATP finals was to Davydenkos advantage (who later won the title). In the semifinals against Delpo, Robin was serving at 4-2 in the crucial 3rd set. He was just a step behind on the important points and Del Potros routine & attitude settled the score. Robin fought all the way even though the body language at 2-6 & 3-6 in the deciding tie-break said otherwise (Robin appeared to be much shorter, with sholders hanging after a long duel at 2-5 and his own serve).

Robin is facing something new next season: 1. He is a player "to beat" 2. He must really calculate (expect) to reach 2nd week in all Grand Slams 3. Starting fees (for example Malaysia, Båstad, Stockholm and other "little" tournaments who draws top 10 players with x amount of hundred thousands SEK) could make it more difficult to plan a good schedule 4. His re-building phase is much shorter now that he only has 1 month to the 1st tournament of 2010.. 5. Larger media focus and activities around the tournaments. Will be exciting to follow this closely.
4 dec 09
Thank You

This is my last blog entry for 2009, since the ATP-season is over. Looking forward though to DC-finals Spain-Czech Republic.
It has been really great to comment on different events in sports, mostly tennis, but also affect my readers who are now at 1.500 unique visitors/day!

One of the best things since the start in June, must be Petra (in SPTK team) who got a sponsor thanks to my blog post. Then also all fun discussions around my Quiz, all emails and comments in the tennis halls I have visited is of course a contributing factor for wanting to continue next year indefinitely.

Next thing on my own schedule is moving from our apartment to a house just outside of Södertälje (my base will still be at the Tennis Hall). We started packing the other day and should be ready next week. I have not had high expectations from my pregnant fiancé (9 months) to help move, but she is stubborn and packing, picking up things and making Christmas gifts in her own pace. Rather cosy actually.
After the move we are hoping for Christmas and New Years Eve on the horizon and that Baby Junior is not coming out until next year. We´ll see. The most important thing is that our baby and Johanna are okay.

No match schedule until our baby is born and I have spent some time with my family. I will get back with tournament planning as soon as it´s done. I am relly looking forward to this new part of my life.
It is something that both me and Johanna have been longing for in our lives since a while back. We just needed to find the right person first...
2 jan 2010
Leo is born!

The 29th of dec at 11.09 pm our little Leo was born. 51 cm and weight 3,3 kilos. His name is Leo Eric Lave Johansson (Eric and Lave from his great grandfathers and grandfater, Johansson from his father).
Everyone is well and the first "exhibition" with family on New Years Eve was the best one we ever had!

Now we have a great time ahead of us and we are looking forward to trying to interpret all funny faces and expressions from Leo.

Happy New Year from Pim-Pim, Johanna & Leo
8 jan 2010
First week of competion at full speed...

...but for others it started last week already. Of course I mean (for example) Federer and Nadal who year after year more loudly complain about the long schedule that ATP offers. But why do you then enter a show tournament just before the season, when the last matches were in end of November (or beginning of Dec for DC-finals Nadal´s case)? 3-4 weeks without match training hasn't killed anyone from what I have heard!?

Maybe we will see Federer play a show tournament between Wimbledon and US-touring, before US Open when he has a "longer" break of 3-4 weeks again..
I was about to write about Federer and Nadal and show tournaments, but someone beat me to it at a Swedish magazine - but regarding Robin Söderlings schedule. So I will not go into this any further, but just say once again that it is easy cash however not always profitable in the long run. Hope everyone in top 10 realize that before the injuries arrive like a letter in the mail...


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