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Re: down under 2010 starts early!

Originally Posted by soulage View Post
Arno and Seb are now in NZ, Arno'english is not good but he try to speak lol and the way he says Sebastien with the english accent the journalist also speak about the help of arno toward Seb The video is very small unfortunatly
Nice video, I'm really excited to see him look so happy, with Seb standing beside him and that big smile on his face while he's talking

Originally Posted by Marine View Post
chebastian ? lol portuguese accent now ? Plz arnaud, don't try, prononce in the french way ! lol
Yeah, his englis still is crap, whereas he has said in stockholm he improved
It's the correct pronunciation in English

Originally Posted by soulage View Post
His english can be better as in Stockholm but here it's not good and we understand cos we are french but the real english speaker i'm not sure lol

Always the same deal story tells in another way
I'm not French and I understand perfectly fine

Originally Posted by Marine View Post
I can say I understand much better his english than any other english speaking guy ! lol
If only everybody would speak english like arnaud
I agree, his English is so cute A few years ago his English wasn't as good as what it is today. I think he has improved a lot over the years. The first couple of times I met him, it seems like he was a bit scared to speak in English because he wasn't good at it.

But I think he's good at it for a Frenchman. After all, he's not an English native speaker. It could be a lot worse (ever heard Dutch people on English television? That accent is horrible, a french accent is cute )

Edit: just wanted to add that the English can also have really bad accents and makes them very hard to understand for foreigners such as myself


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