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Re: down under 2010 starts early!

Originally Posted by Marine View Post
I can say I understand much better his english than any other english speaking guy ! lol
If only everybody would english like arnaud
Then everyone in the world would need to be taught with a French accent.
Most Frenchies I ever talked to were doing fine in English, it's the accent that makes them hard to understand. And that the grammar is different... My friends seem to use French grammar in English and do not use the right form of irregular verbs. This is something I noticed with both of them, because our conversations go much better when I don't use the irregular verbs on purpose. I don't always correct them, because I love them for trying so hard! The same with Arno, at least he tries to speak English and learn, even if he's hard to understand sometimes.
I every Frenchie for trying, because I'm worse in French than they can ever be in English.
I can only judge the closer look on my friends, because I've talked to them more often than others I've met.

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