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Re: Down under 2010

I didn't know you were in Brisbane, very interesting entries again, thanks a lot for posting them! It's shocking that Henin doesn't get more applause.
I took my courage in both hands to click on the first link and your report really is spot on, for those who haven't seen the match. I found the first games quite fun too with all the dropshots, GaŽl was chasing them down pretty well and wasn't striking the ball badly compared to his usual very slow starts.
It is a great match-up when GaŽl bothers trying, their match in Bercy was blah, but the one in Vienna two years ago was one of my favourite matches of GaŽl in 2008.

("Watching his facial expressions, I find it easy to believe that half the time he’s playing, he’s concentrating on something else other than the match." Exactly, and the difference is so visible when he decides to really focus at some point of the match! It's crazy he's almost top 10 with such a lack of focus half of the time. And crazy he has so much trouble improving it. It is a weapon too in a way, as it must be disturbing for the opponents, but it costs him so many completely unnecessary 3-setters and defeats, it's killing him.)
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