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Re: In the Spotlight - You! 2009 Edition

1) What caused you to join MTF?
chooper loves tennis
2) Which are your favorite tennis players and why do you like them?
3) What are your 10 favorite songs?
i have 100 fav songs
4) What is your philosophy of life in general?
learn,educate,try not to be head case,be ashamed when smart ppl told you to,have a fun,this is our only life
5) What are your best and worst traits?
i'm stunningly handsome,smart,i love to irritate ignorant ppl.worst?don't have any
6) If you had to reccomend a book(s) and a movie(s) to other people, which would they be?
hamlet 'n anna karenina-ppl like some should've known how ignorant they are.
casablanca-just a love affair movie,nothing deeper
7) What would you have written in your epitaph?
i don't care
8) Which other sports besides tennis are you a fan of?
football,table tennis
9) What countries would you like to visit and why?
russia,mid africa countries.
10) If you had one piece of advice to give to others, what would it be?
listen 'n hear,you're not the smartest,far from that.
11) Which are your favorite quotes?
"live full time"
12) What is that you most love and hate?
love-joshy,sea fish,salads,my life,parents
hate-wannabe misses 'n misters,ignorant ppl
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