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Re: Jason Kubler Cheering Thread

And ....

" we are now going to prepare them for professional tennis , not junior tennis"
" and that transition starts at 11 , not 17...."

This explains the Aus Open M/D , w/c for Kubler. Gee he just made it at 16 !! FEW !

So if Kubler isnt top 720 next year he will be out too. He wont be funded to play AuS Open JunIors next year either , as they wont fund a 17 year old to play juniors .


This is such great long term thinking for players isn't it. No wonder we have no more men in top 100 after Tiley at helm past four years after reading this.

What a risk to take , we had better be the top tennis nation in a couple of years ( that will be 6 years in ) if he is so confident it is worth over looking players purely on rank and age.

Was this guy hired for his statistics or for head of development for tennis players ?

I remember reading a quote of Tiley's saying it takes 10 years to develop a player, now players in this article have from 11 - 18 to cut it under TA , or they are out.
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