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Originally Posted by Rrrainer View Post
1. since you're an agnostic, do you celebrate christmas?

2. i take it you grew up christian, ever considered "switching" instead of becoming an agnostic? (islam, buddhism etc.)

3. do you plan to retire in costa rica/somewhere sunny?

4. what was the "wildest" (meaning far away, most exotic) country you ever worked in?

5. do you own a gun? if so, why?

6. given that you've been away from ireland for quite some time, do native english speakers still easily recognize your accent?

7. do you think primadonna talks the same way he posts on non-mtf?
1. Everyone is an agnostic, so for me the word is meaningless. But everyone should know which option he thinks best. I am firmly atheist. Of course I celebrate Chrismas with friends, but not religiously.
2. Already answered in 1.
3. I am retired. I will see how Canada works out as a permanent residence. No-one will insure me medically so I need to maintain Canadian residency (5 months out of 12).
4. I did not actually work in many countries. Dominican Republic was the most fun. For a visit, clearly Papua New Guinea. A friend's daughter was the first ever female bush pilot there, so I have spent time with stone-age tribes.
5. Don't think I have ever even touched a real gun.
6. People usually ask me, and then say, ''Ahh, I thought I detected something''. Last person to ask was Patricia Clarkson, who I met in a hotel during the Canadian premiere of "Cairo Time."
7. I hope not.

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