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In The Spotlight: buddyholly

don't fight it, it's happening.

1. do you have any other citizenship apart from irish? if canadian, did you vote for harper?

2. do you support any particular english teams in the pl?

3. since you're in canada, will you go watch the olympics?

4. thoughts on barry cowan?

5. do you think bilbo's taking the piss from time to time or do you believe he's really serious about the stuff he posts?

5. as a canadian, are you a hockey fan? if so, any particular franchise?

6. who do you think will run for office on the republican side in 2010? who do you want to run for office?

7. border fence, yes or nay?

8. name the 4 semi-finalists of next year's world cup.

9. avid skier?

10. where do you see glenn beck in 10 years' time?

that'll be a good start. off you go.
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