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Re: In the spotlight : 2003

Custom questions first:

1) Who were the numerous people that requested that you do a spotlight on yourself?

2) Were they actual people from the forum?

3) Were they actual people?

4) How come I've never heard from you before?

5) How often do you post in NON-TENNIS?

6) Who are the forum posters that you fraternize with?

7) Do you think that with is the most often used preposition at the end of a sentence?

8) Is the proper way of saying the question prior to the last one: "With whom in the forum do you fraternize?"

9) Is your flag true to your current heritage and/or location at the moment?

10) How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

11) Do you play tennis?

12) Do you play with your left or right hand?

13) Is the hand you play with the hand you use to write?

14) Did you know that I was about to end that question with the preposition "with" again?

15) Why did you join the forum?

16) Have you gone to any tournaments? If so, which ones?

17) Do you think you are or ever have been a creeper?

18) Do you know who the pedobear is?

19) Do you think that the pedobear is somehow related to the FedBear?

20) Do you associate Subarus with Australia?

21) Do you know who killed Jimmy Hoffa?

22) Do you know who shot Tupac?

23) Did you know that you didn't put an apostrophe between the y and the all in y'all?

24) Did you know that while, BD creates questions of really great substance, I tend to create mass amounts of questions?

25) Do you think that's more because I want to just know random facts about you or is it because I cannot think of creative "what if" scenario type questions?

26) Do you know WHY I ask questions?

27) Do you know that I enjoy reading the answers?

28) Why is Chuck Norris THE EPITOME of everything?

29) I'm serious. Why do people always say things like "Chuck Norris knows Victoria's Secret."

30) Have you ever seen that movie where Chuck Norris is some sort of figment of an awkward teen's imagination?

31) What was that movie called?

32) Do you think that Action Jackson could one day take over the world?

33) Why do you think that I feel as if he has the capability of doing so?

34) Are you currently enrolled in an institution for learning?

35) If so, do you actually attend the classes which are held in said institution for learning?

36) Have you ever been in an institution?

37) What is the difference between an institution and a psych ward?

38) What is your occupation?

39) Do you believe that one day you can reach some sort of managerial position in this job?

40) Why did you choose this occupation?

41) Is it out of necessity or just because you would like a secondary income for random things such as sunglasses?

42) Can you:

a) do a cartwheel
b) bust a windmill
c) do the robot
d) dance with the stars
e) dance like Michael Jackson?

43) Did you know that e) is actually a song performed by the Far East Movement. It's quite catchy.

44) When are you most inspired to write on MTF?

45) Why?
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