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Re: 2009 Off-Season Exhibitions: San Juan/Copa Argentina

Originally Posted by krystlel View Post
Yeah, seems like pretty much a common consensus that David's forehand has been very good lately. He's been very aggressive with it anyway, more so than usual and pulling it off. I thought Moya was decent, but not great, a little bit error-prone. I mean, it wasn't like the match against Massu where it looked like Massu had nowhere near enough pace or accuracy on his groundstrokes to even trouble David.

There were some fun rallies in the second set, though it felt like they were prolonging the points longer than necessary for entertainment purposes. I really liked that backhand down-the-line winner, and the reaction from David afterwards.

I thought his movement was better this time, or at least his shot selection on the run was not as reckless as it was against Massu. He seemed very smooth/effortless even if not extremely quick. This time around, he didn't look rusty at all, at least not to me. A couple of matches in, and David has already found his range - but the next test will be his competitive rustiness, how he plays under pressure.

It's been a while since I've resorted to watching blurry live streams, and it was disappointing that the quality wasn't any better. For me, it's a bit hard to appreciate winners and good shots when I have to wait for a call (or non-call) to see whether a shot went in or not. Considering that David likes to hit close to the lines and doesn't usually miss by large distances, this makes it even more annoying (if that's the appropriate word).
Yea, I forgot to point out that the screen shot for the final stats that I used was NOT a paint shop mess up on my part. That is actually the quality of the stream that we were getting. I'm used to having 20-40 vision (not bad enough for glasses, but not sharp either), so the match played out like a Monet painting which is my typical spectator reality. Although, I have good vision up close, so that was one of blurriest streams I've ever seen. We were spoiled with the clarity of the one we got last Saturday from San Juan.

Thanks again for that great video, Krystlel! I'm glad TYC Sports did the first match back instead of Desportes.

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